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Abib Relaxing Sleeping Pack Bright Tube

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Capacity: 100ml

Sh! Your skin is changing!
From 10 PM to 2 AM, your skin is actively working and changing.
Now, all you have to do is having skincare while sleeping!

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You can find out your skin crystal clear every morning. Experience glowing, bright skin by applying this sleeping pack on your face before getting sleep!

Only one choice to take care of your skin: This product maximizes and promotes skin restoration while sleeping so that your skin will be relieved like having enough sound sleep even when you do not take a rest. Due to exceptional absorbing power, hydration and gentle texture, you can use it anywhere, anytime as your daily skincare routine moisturizer. Without residue, you can use it daytime.

1. Refreshing pillow, glowing, shining skin.
2. Completely new, innovative whitening effect.
3. Long lasting hydration for 24 hours.

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1 review for Abib Relaxing Sleeping Pack Bright Tube

  1. Shu Yi

    非常好用 👍 本身的皮膚都屬於比較乾又沒有光澤 , 用了這一款 sleeping pack 後皮膚明顯提亮了。而且皮膚也變更水嫩了 ! 大愛 ❤

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