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A’pieu 24/7 Mist Fixer

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Capacity: 50ml

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A’PIEU 24/7 Mist Fixer eliminate the need for touch-ups.


  • Ensures superior adherence of your morning makeup and holds up all day even against sweat and sebum.
  • Coats skin in a hydrating, setting film that sets makeup and extends its wear.
  • Provides for even coverage and comfortable wear.

How to Use

Spray before and after makeup application.

3 reviews for A’pieu 24/7 Mist Fixer

  1. Nur Hanina

    i like use this spray so much! cause before i mekap i akan spray dulu dekat muka and akan buat mekap i nampak moist and after mekap i guna ni bagi longlasting kan i punya mekap. so this is perfect for after and before mekap. i’m so in love this product!❤️

  2. 秀金

    這款定妆噴霧 超級好用 不盡能服貼妆感
    就算我沒有化妝想要保濕補水 也是可以❤👍
    不用帶多一支補水噴霧 一支搞定❤❤❤

  3. Jin hui

    这一个定妆喷雾本尊非常喜欢 超好用的 它不但只能定妆还可以让皮肤保湿 没有上妆都可以使用 (大推)❤💓

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