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A’PIEU Color Lock Lip Top Coat



Capacity: 4.1g

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A’PIEU Color Lock Lip Top Coat is a lip use topcoat that keeps lips vivid without smudging and fixes perfectly.


Perfectly coating on top of lip color and last for long time without smudging and staining just like applying the color for the first time.

Enriched with avocado oil, cocoa butter and rosehip oil, this clear lip gel prevents your lip makeup from smearing without creating a sticky or greasy feel.

Light gel type without odd feeling, silky adhere on lips.

Applicable for lipstick, lip tint, lip pencil.

How to use

Wait around 30 secs after apply desired lip product.

Shake well for it to mix with cap close.

Take a rice size of amount and lightly apply just like coating lip color then wait for 1 min for perfect fix.



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