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A’PIEU Deep Clean Cleansing Oil

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Capacity: 160ml

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A’PIEU Deep Clean Cleansing Oil helps to thoroughly melts deep makeup as well as pore clogging impurities.


Deep makeup as well as a cleansing oil to clean the pores in waste.

Containing Jojoba oil, baking powder and sparkling water – Deep cleansing and gentle to skin.

How to use

Get an appropriate amount on dry hands and massage over face.

Apply water onto hands and continue massaging.

Wash off with lukewarm water.

1 review for A’PIEU Deep Clean Cleansing Oil

  1. Winnie

    非常好用👍 已经用了第2支了 卸的很干净 而且也不需要用棉花直接用手轻揉 脸部再沾点水让它乳化就行了

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