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A’PIEU Deep Clean Foam Cleanser – Moist

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Capacity: 130ml

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A’PIEU Deep Clean Foam Cleanser – Moist thoroughly removes impurities in pores and makeup.


Skin moisturizing hyacinth flower extract keeps the skin moist after cleansing.

The elastic and ample bubbles thoroughly cleanse the skin.

Pore Minimizing and Skin Purifying.

Containing baking powder and Harrogate carbonated water with rich mineral deep cleanse the skin fresh.

How To Use

Firstly, apply the foam to your face. Secondly, gently massage for cleansing effect. After that, rinse off with lukewarm water.

1 review for A’PIEU Deep Clean Foam Cleanser – Moist

  1. Winnie

    这款洗脸霜本人使用后皮肤干净也保湿 重点洗了也不有紧紧的感觉哦👍

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