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A’pieu Steam Eye Mask

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  • To warm over-used eyes in order to feel relaxed and ease such stress.
  • Wraps around the eyes and surrounding area for 20 minutes.

How To Use : 

  1. Take out the steam eye mask from the pouch. (Please use as soon as you take out.)
  2. Please separate the dotted line from the earring (see the picture).
  3. Hang both ears so that the white surface touches your skin. (Deep hole direction is the nose portion.)
  4. Relax with 20 minutes of warmth.

1 review for A’pieu Steam Eye Mask

  1. Jin hui

    本身天天都对着电脑 电话 眼睛经常很容易疲累 这一款眼罩面膜 非常好用的 它可以修复眼睛 也有轻微的温度 这样眼睛非常的舒服 推推推

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