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the best glitter eyeshadow in malaysia

Piciberry Berryshadow 01. Daily Camel



Capacity : 1.15g

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Piciberry Berry Shadow is the excellent spreadability due to the solidification of powder.

The Best Glitter Eyeshadow in Malaysia

Gorgeous pearl particles will give you brilliant makeup. The Best Glitter Eyeshadow in Malaysia.

Shades of Colors of Glitter Eyeshadow

  • 01 Daily Camel : Good color for daily use
  • 02 Brown Hero : Calm brown color
  • 03 Pink Muhly: Soft pink color
  • 04 Romantic Holiday: Glitter Color with Pearl Particles

Daily Camel

As the name suggests, Daily Camel is a good color for everyday makeup, which goes well with any styles of makeups. In addition, make your eyes look bigger and deeper by applying at the inner corner, outer corner, and your eyelids.

Features of Piciberry Berry Shadow

It is a semi-transparent texture that gives shiny and bright expression. In addition, You can use as an eyeshadow, glitter, and highlighter.

Use as Glitter Eyeshadow

Firstly, luxurious colors will make your eyes brilliant.

Use as Eyeshadow

Secondly, complete your eye make up with vivid and lively colors.

Use as Highlighter

Thirdly add fancy and shiny highlighting look to your make up.

How to use the Best Glitter Eyshadow in Malaysia

Apply on lids, undereyes, the outer corners of eyes and apples of cheeks. Simply works all over face. Blend out with finger and illuminating pearls will add a subtle highlighted look.

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