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UNNY Club Mild Cleansing Water



Capacity: 500ml

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UNNY Club Mild Cleansing Water is a one-step cleanser that removes fine dust from your skin precious. Let your skin breathe better after a long-day covered in makeup and release your nature of beauty.

Thorough Cleansing: Green Tea infusion helps clear up and smooth skin, cleansing the face of makeup and dirt.
4-in-1 Function : Both cleanses and moisturizes at once, preventing skin from drying after wash.
Pore Care : Deep pore cleansing to prevent oily skin.

Recommend for people who:
* Want to remove fine dust, and other dirt from skin.
* Want mild, sensitive cleansing
* Want easy one-step cleansing
* Dislike multi-step cleansing

How to use
1. Place sufficient amount of product onto cotton pad.
2. Pat on skin until all dirt and makeup is removed.
3. When removing eye makeup, press for 5-10 seconds to dissolve makeup before gently wiping away residue.
4. No need to wash with water but you may rins lightly if you choose.



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